EGX Rezzed 2014 – Wrapped up!

By now you should have heard our various podcasts dedicated to EGX Rezzed and read Mike’s game of the show write-up (if you haven’t, then go check them out!) so now it’s my turn for a quick round-up of the event!

Overall the show was put together really well. The stands weren’t too close to each other and everything was easy to find. Obviously the more popular games had bigger crowds around them but generally it was pretty easy to check out each game and get a good chance to chat to people.

Here are the games I had a chance to look at:

Alien Isolation

AlienIsolationAlienDeathLets start with the big one and both Leon’s and Mike’s game of the show.

It was with eager anticipation that we were covertly ushered into the Alien Isolation gaming area. The demo area had been superbly builty to really highten the terror and tension of the game. The rows of consoles and computers were suitably dimly lit, there was smoke everywhere and gamers were hunched over controllers and keyboards looking nervous and emitting the occasional scream when the Alien popped up (or someone just tapping them on the shoulder).

The game itself was amazing. Even though it was only a short (ish) demo, it really hooked you in from the grainy intro, the first few steps into the eerily quiet and empty space station (think Dead Space minus the enemies) all the way to the first (and pretty deadly) cat and mouse experience with the Alien. Infact, I played it so long (I was determined to finish it) that by the time I left the area everyone else had moved on!

Essentially though the game is quite linear and follows the ‘go there, do this’ school of gameplay, it’s still really fun to play. The Alien itself has it’s own AI so it never follows the same path twice leading to some really crazy moments when you’re trying to sneak past it (usually ending up with you dying).

If you’re a fan of jump-scare style games and have braved such titles as Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Slender: The Eight Pages and want more, then you would do well to check this title out.

Alien Isolation is due out on Tuesday October 7th 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.




CloudBuiltWallRunningOne of the first games to be seen when entering the arena was this natty little number from Coilworks and published by Rising Star Games.

The first thing that came to my mind when checking this game out was that it looked very much like a Japanese version of Mirror’s Edge but with guns and faster paced gameplay. Sitting down and playing it at the show, I was not disappointed to find that it’s Mirror’s Edge (but with guns and faster paced gameplay).

Overall, the game looks and plays really well and has plenty of replayability value. Many of the maps have multiple paths to get to the exit and if you’re feeling cocky, you can challenge friends to see who is the fastest at running up walls while shooting robots!

Cloudbuilt is already out to purchase on Steam.




ConcursionOutfitsCertainly one of the wierdest games we saw at the event, was Puuba’s platformer Concursion.

To say it has a specific style of gameplay would be a little unfair as the main hook of this title is to change you, your surroundings and the enemies when entering specific parts of the screen. Not only does it change the look, but it also changes the controls and the gameplay and for this, the game must be commended.

The few levels I played seemed innocuous enough, but be warned, it does get very difficult and for those looking for a challenge should definitely check this one out.

Concursion is available through Steam Greenlight.



Gang Beasts

GangBeastsIncineratorIn a time where multiplayer now seems to be focused on playing across the internet rather than all crammed onto one sofa, it’s refreshing to see Gang Beasts harken back to a happy time when you and a few friends could sit down around a computer and resolve arguments through the use of violence. Think Bomberman with wrestling and deadly traps and you’ve pretty much summed up this game.

It’s fast, frantic and immensly satisfying throwing your friend into a grinder, under a truck or watching them plummet to their death from a ferris wheel. Graphics are cartoony and easy on the eyes, controls look a little twitchy but still easy to figure out (I didn’t get a chance to play, but the way people were throwing the controllers about it looked like they were having trouble making the characters do what they wanted them to!) and it definitely has that ‘just one more go’ mentality.

Fans of excessive violence and drinking beers with friends will love this one!

No release date at the moment.




MaiaBuildingsIt was during a round of #wheresdave that I decided to check this game out, as the website trailer had intrigued me greatly to what exactly the game was. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, as it turns out Maia is a colony building game and I’m a massive fan of those!

The idea of the game is to help a bunch of colonists set up shop on a harsh planet and try not to get eaten by the local wildlife along the way. Controls are simple and intuative and very quickly you’re building essential equipment, expanding rooms and slapping robots (they even called them I.M.Ps!). The humour doesn’t stop there, many of the objects you interact with have amusing descriptions and it’s a nice touch to counter-balance the bleak harshness of the setting.

It’s still very much in Alpha so there are some wobbles and still a lot more to put in, but I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. If you’re a fan of trying to keep things alive and building fancy things, you should totally follow this game!

Now available on Steam.



Murdered: Soul Suspect

MurderedSoulSuspectCrimeSceneA lot of the games I’d looked at were aimed at the PC (with hope to push to consoles at a later date). However this title is already planned for consoles so those who are worried about lack of titles for our current gens, should definitely keep an eye out for this one.

You play a dead dectective who (through the course of helping others ‘move on’) solves his own murder. It’s a neat concept and while sadly I didn’t get a chance to play, it looks part puzzle game, part noir novel. I’ve heard there’s also some stealth in it as well so start brushing up on your ninja skills!

Graphically it looks really good and as a big fan of Square Enix, I’m hoping that when I do finally get my hands on it, it’ll play just as well too.

On a side-note, the Murdered: Soul Suspect tops the booth staff we wearing were amazing. Sadly though, we weren’t allowed to steal them.

Murdered: Soul Suspect has been scheduled for European release on Friday 6th June 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.




NarcissusPlatformShennanigansNarcissus is a very clever game. It can either be played by one person with jedi-like skills or two people who embody the term ‘teamwork’.

The concept is a simple one, get your two dudes from one end of the level to the other over a series of platforms. The catch is that one character is on the top part of the screen, the other is on the bottom but flipped (effectively the mirror of the first player). The only control you have is jump as both characters move forward automatically and if you fall out of the screen, you die and have to start again.

Which you will.

Because this game is incredibly addictive.

And frustrating.

But awesome.

You can play the first few levels for free here:



SalvagedInGameIt was clear that a lot of effort had gone into the games being shown at Rezzed. There were a lot of good games being displayed and even though a lot of them were still early concepts, they still played well and didn’t fall over too much.

One of these games in particlar was Opposable Games’s Salvaged which is a real-time tactical game for PC. Well I say PC, it’s actually a real-time tactical game playable on your mobile (or tablet) that hooks up to the PC client. What’s really awesome about this game, is that you can independently control your four crew members (think X-Com) and even hook up with up to three of your friends with their mobile (or tablet) devices and battle together! (playing co-operatively is not mandatory)

Each crew member has their own screen on the PC client and pretty much everything is controlled by the device. Controls are smooth and easy to pick up and before long, you’ll be laying ambushes down corridors and picking off enemies with no trouble at all. The build I played sadly didn’t have any healing in it, so I was eventually overrun and I felt genuine sorrow as my last crewmember died valiently battling large alien creatures.

This game reminds me of an old PC/Amiga game by Psygnosis called Hired Guns which I have spent many happy hours playing. I get the feeling I’ll enjoy Salvaged just as much and I really cannot wait for this to come out. This title certainly gets my game of the show award!

No release information yet, but you can find out more here:


Shadow Warrior

ShadowWarriorFishThe last game on my list (but actually the first game we checked out after arriving) is a reboot of Shadow Warrior made by 3D Realms way back in 1997 and not to be confused with Shadow Warriors which came out in 1988 (better known as Ninja Gaiden). Just like the original, you play Lo Wang and armed with trusty sword (and many guns) you must go forth and cause as much carnage as possible.

This has already been released on PC, but Devolver Digital were showing off their PS4 version which is due for launch later this year. This was a great chance to get a look at how it plays and handles on the current-gen platform. We were not disappointed. The graphics are smooth and it’s easy to see what is going on even in the middle of a fire-fight. Gameplay wise, it’s fast-paced with plenty of things to destroy and will keep you amused for hours.

One of the few negative things I found with Shadow Warrior was that although it’s fairly linear, there were a couple of times I got a little lost on where to head next. Luckily I had someone on hand to guide me back onto the right path!

For those who want to check this out, you can get the original 1997 version for free on Steam.

For further information about the new Shadow Warrior, check out the site here:



It wasn’t all just video games though, there was even a board-game section featuring classics like Pandemic, crazy dice games such as King of Tokyo and Street Fighter card games! After losing the rest of the gang (again) due to being distracted, I found myself surrounded by gamers rolling dice and it was really nice just to kick back and socalise while trying to prevent deadly diseases from taking over the world!

Overall I really enjoyed myself at EGX Rezzed and I was really impressed with the quality level of the games shown. I’m certainly looking forward to the next one!


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Mike’s Game Of The Show EGX REZZED 2014



With the largest area in the arena devoted to this game and a lot of build up, Alien Isolation really needed to deliver. We all remember how the Alien brand was tarnished by Colonial Marines and even though this is a completely different developer, I still had my doubts. We were treated like covert agents being snuck in the back avoiding a good hour of queuing and sat in front of screens in a darkened room filled with smoke. I really liked how the developers have made it so that anything in the game looks like a 70’s vision of the future. One thing in particular that stood out was how the intro video looks like a VHS tape that had been watched 1000 times before.  Stagbeetle and Deanoward were playing on Xbox One whilst Einfang and Dave opted for the PC build.


The game looked fantastic and the way that focusing on different areas shifted the focus point on screen really added to the atmosphere in game. The demo we played had a few jump scares but these were not what really got me (although I did jump a foot off my chair at one point), its the atmosphere and the build up to the scares that really made this game feel scary. I myself did not finish the demo as I was struggling to find objectives due to an Xbox bug that stopped the map loading after the first time you had used it (obviously this will be fixed by final build), dying too many times and I also felt bad for being on a little too long. I shouldn’t have cared though because this spurred the phrase of the day which was #wheresdave as Dave was the first person to go in and after 20 minutes of waiting for him after we had all finished, we decided to leave him to his own devices.


The lead character is Amanda Ripley daughter of Ellen Ripley the original character from the film and this gives great credibility but also explores a character that has not really been explored in Ridley Scott’s universe before. The voice acting was good but it is hard to really feel any emotion for a character on such a short play through. However, one character did get me feeling one emotion, the Alien made me feel anxious as anything and I had a constant fear that it would pop up and stick its fist through my chest at any point.


The game really does look good and has plenty of atmosphere. I was instantly sold on the setting and when the Alien finally made a proper appearance, there was definitely a feeling that I had to avoid being seen or heard at all costs! After speaking with the team from Alien Isolation we loved the passion shown for the project and had already all been converted to believers. Not since I was a young lad playing Resident Evil at far past my bedtime have I felt the same presence and tension that I did playing this game. We look forward to seeing more from this title and have high expectations for what may bring back  the Horror genre!


Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew Leon, Dean and Dave are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Stagbeetle, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

Alien Isolation comes out on October 7th 2014 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. For more information about the game visit their website.

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls launch event!

From the outside, Meltdown London looks like your typical London bar. However once inside, you can definitely tell that this is a bar created by gamers for gamers!

The work that had gone into setting up the launch event was incredible. There were posters, banners and cardboard cut-outs everywhere and with the dim lighting completing the atmosphere, it definitely felt that we were going to be in for one hell of a launch event.

The place was packed out with eager gamers ready to get their reaping on or at the very least snag some of the cool giveaways that were up for grabs. XMG_UK were there providing the competition questions and Blizzard did not disappoint with the amount of swag to battle over. T-shirts, posters, and collector’s editions were there for the taking as well as some uber prizes including a limited edition statue!

As well as being quiz masters, XMG_UK also brought the tech wizardry in the form of three very shiny laptops for people to try out Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls when it went live. Those laptops weren’t the only thing teasing people with Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls though. Around the room TV’s were showing what was in store, as well as a live streaming of the launch event in the US and a ominous timer counting down the hours and minutes until release!

Blizzard’s Community Manager was on hand to host the event and she did amazingly well keeping everyone buzzing and enjoying themselves. She wasn’t the only Blizzard person on-site though, Alex Mayberry Senior Producer for D3 was on hand to answer questions, sign Blizz stuff and generally be awesome. 🙂

As the counter hit zero, a massive cheer went up from the fans and people rushed to the laptops to get in on the early action. Many others rushed for the doors eager to get home and start massacring demons from the comfort of their computer chairs! Everybody though was very happy to finally be able to start enjoying the expansion. 🙂

For those that remained, the after party kicked off with champagne and another round of smoking cocktails prepared by a very clever mixologist who was brought in to provide Diablo themed drinks all evening. Here’s a quick video of those cocktails in action:


As the crowds thinned and the place became quieter, sustinance in the form of many pizza’s was provided by the kindly souls James from XMG_UK and Martin from Thanks guys!

Overall it was a fantastic evening and much fun was had by all. Check out my impromptu sticking of microphone into people’s faces throughout the night otherwise known as interviews!

And as always, until next time, GAMEOVERYEAH!

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