Welcome to Game Over Yeah! The video game podcast created by gamers for gamers. With your hosts:- 


Leon Shepherd “Einfang” – Manager/Host

Leon is the Boss of the whole Game Over Yeah operation. Leon came up with the idea of doing a video game podcast after listening to podcasts by the legendary “Kevin Smith” at www.smodcast.com. He felt inspired and decided even with only consumer knowledge of video games, to give it a shot. Leon is also a Musician (Bass), Sound engineer and has managed a variety of different music events.

Leon’s top 5 Games: –

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Metal Gear Solid
  3. Starcraft
  4. Theme Hospital
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Dave Hollingbery “Mcradden” – Host

Dave is a lot older than he looks and has been known on occassion to start rambling about ‘the good old days’. Having worked in the gaming industry for quite a while and always up for new and exciting challenges, Dave came onboard with promises of dark secrets uncovered and shocking truths revealed. Now that he’s been here a few months, he feels confident that he can get away with not having to say anything.. oh..

Dave’s top 5 Achievements: –

  1. Oh You’ve Done This Before – Infamous
  2. Trail of Corpses – Prototype
  3. Out of the Blue – Portal: Still Alive
  4. 9-1-1 – Monkey Island 2 SE
  5. You can’t jump – The Stanley Parable


Michael “Stagbeetle” Stephens – Host

The Stagbeetle is the most console based gamer out of the four horseman of the apocalypse, with his affinity for sports games and types of fighting games he brings a totally different aspect to the team. Working in the mobile industry he is always up to date with the latest mobile platforms and is an avid Xbox One fan queuing up in the cold on launch day just so he could get his hands on one. Never afraid to get drunk and tell stories of craziness throughout his life the Stagbeetle has always got something to say on the matter, and he will say it, even if you don’t want him too!

1. Grand Theft Auto Vice City
2. Mario Bros 3
3. Warcraft 2
5. Breath Of Fire 3

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